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Interview N° 13 - Karolina TEN survivor

Hello everyone !

Winter is coming, with our short and dark days... Time to find a ray of light, and sweetness with the beautiful and strong Karolina !

This sweet girl is just 17, and she is brave today, 'cause she decided to share her story with us... Here is her story <3

"Hi, my name is Karolina and I come from around Szczecin, in Poland. I'm seventeen years Old in december.

I went through my lyell in October 2017. Yes, I Remember this very clearly.

It all started with the wrong epilepsy medication. Initially, I did not feel any discomfort and did not feel any difference because of the season (Autumn). In autumn my immunity decreases and I often get sick, so I wasn't surprised when I had pseudo-tonsillitis.

Later, instead of tonsillitis, I was diagnosed with mumps, which started to bother me because I noticed that the doctors didn't quite know what was wrong with me. Initially, the doctors kept an eye on me, but later a rash began to appear, so it was found to be pseudo-Bostonka. Of course, this was not because, on the same day in the evening, plasma bubbles began to appear.

I began to feel more and more weak and I hear worse. The next day I went to the doctor with my mother and there was nothing to talk about. The doctor was terrified of my condition and gave a referral to the hospital.

When we got there, I was treated and given an accurate diagnosis - Lyell Syndrome.

Neither I nor my parents knew what it was. I was given a drip and directed to another hospital. There, I was wrapped in bandages and directed to the third hospital, where I lay for 3 weeks."

"The doctors gave me a 40% chance of survival, and they fought for my life.

I was under general anesthesia every day for three weeks because of the treatments I was given. I was bandaged from the waist up. I also lost my hair, which I only learned before leaving the hospital. I was very depressed.

After returning home, I started to go to a psychologist who helped me a lot. Just like the support of parents and friends.

Now, two years after all this, I am completely healthy and happy. Lyell has left some marks on his skin, but I try not to worry about them. "

"Now I also help others who have undergone or undergo what I have. I believe that we do well to support others and show that together we can do a lot."


THANK YOU so much beauty :)

I believe that seeing other stories may help future fighters.

Never give up !



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