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Interview N°11 - Amad, TEN survivor

Hello everyone, here is a new interview ! Today Amad want to share his experience with us, please read it :)

Every story has to be shared ! Let's start ! 


Who are you ?

« Hi My name is Amad Mubeen. I am 21 years old.I live in city Karachi,Pakistan. I am currently studying mechatronics Engineering from PAF KIET . I am curently student in Bachelors of Engineering from PAF KIET. I am a little but anger but posses positive behaviour. Love to play game nowadays I am playing PUBG along with my friends. One of my Interests are Circuit Designing , Arduino , Quadcopters , Drones and Robotics etc .

Sports ,Robotics and Circuit Designing are my hobbies. »


What makes you share your story today ?

« I just wants to share my story because I just want to awareness about this disease so that people can understand and let save their life .After two days I was facing from loose motion, Joints pain , fever and rashes all over body and then 90 % of my body badly damaged it seems like my skin become burn .My eyes and jaws become badly effected I was not able to open my eyes and jaws. »

Which syndrome did you have? How old were you?

« I faced TENS but Dr written it is as SJS.I was 19 years old at that time. »

Tell us the story of your syndrome

« First I was Suffered Viral Fever and got hospitalized at the beginning multiple red spots occurs on my body and then Doctors said that they are measles then doctors recommend me measles medicines. »

What was the worst for you during the hospitalization?

« The worst feeling i have was both fear ,intense pain on all over body specially joints and stress. »

How was the nurses and the doctors with you ? Did they play an important part of your stay ?

« Yes they do what ever for me I’ll never forget that. The Behaviour of both the nurses , Doctors and each and every staff with me was really good. »

How did you feel when you left the hospital ?

« Definitely I feel pleasure that I kick in the ass of SJS.More than that I was feeling weakness a lot. »

Did you start to eat normally quickly ?

« No not quickly after 10 days I eat quickly. »

What are your after effects ? How does it envolve ?

« I felt my skin very sensitive and after suffering from SJS my skin get effected from sunlight till now. I avoid alot from sunlight. »

Did you have a medical follow-up after the hospital or some treatments ? Which ones?

« I was go to dermologist after SJS to let my skin normal. »


What could have helped during the hospitalization to feel not bad emotionally?

« Don’t let yourself under fear . Always hope for best stay calm. »

What do you recommend to the patients so that their days are less painful?

« Watching comedy shows ,study and watch motivational stories and spending time with your love ones and friends. »

What did you do after the hospitalization to be less afraid / to change your mind and start feeling good as before?

« I forget everything about that what’s going on with me during the hospitalization for SJS, that’s the key to become less afraid . »

Today, do you think you have regain the taste for life ? Can you tell us if you feel happy, even after this trauma ?

« Ya definitely I feel better as before and regain the taste for life. »

What makes you happy every day ?

« All that thing which let me busy and my focus to living a happy life . »

When sometimes it’s hard to think about this experience, how do you do to escape and to change your state of mind?

« Both things sports , going out and listening music. »

How has your syndrome changed your life ?

« Don’t Know but I just aimed to help others after that diseases. »


Thank you Amad for sharing with us your feelings about this experience !

I wish you the best for the future :)



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